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ArCon-Data is a server providing an overview of 3D data, textures and add-ons for ArCon. It is intended for designers, interior designers, architects, and sales networks of interior furnishing manufacturers. ArCon-Data provides you with an overview of what's currently happening around ArCon. It informs you about new ArCon versions, 3D data for ArCon, textures for ArCon and add-on macros for ArCon.

3D Objects and Textures for ArCon

3D Objects and Textures for ArCon

The AEC-DATA project was developed by SOFTconsult spol. s r.o. in 1996; it is intended to provide free downloads of 3D software data. Since its beginnings, our company has been preparing 3D models (data) of individual manufacturers both from all over Europe and overseas for a wide user group. Within this project, we aim to cooperate with manufacturers of interior furnishings and building materials and to establish links with architects, design engineers and interior designers.

3D objects and textures for ArCon

Wall and Floor Tiles for ArCon

Wall and Floor Tiles for ArCon

The AEC-TILES server provides databases of wall and floor tiles for the TILER for ArCon software. The databases are free of charge. Currently we are providing products of the following brands: Rako, Lb Object, Marazzi, Opozcno, Paradyz, and Tubadzin. We are preparing databases of Italian and other tile manufacturers. In the next phase, the server will serve for presenting wall and floor tiles to end users.

Wall and Floor Tiles for ArCon

Macros for ArCon

The AEC-CREATIVE brand stands for a ArCon-centered software development. In the last ten years, a group of solutions for interior designs and building management has been created. Interior designs started with office furniture supported by a broad base of 3D objects and by a price calculation macro. In the next phase, solutions were developed for kitchen designs, tiles, tiled stoves, built-in wardrobes and atypical furniture. AEC-CREATIVE macros for ArCon can create 3D interior designs with price calculations for end users, and process the preparations for manufacture implementation.


TILER for ArCon

TILER is a complex solution for graphical designs of tiles on walls and floors. You can use it to prepare the laying implementation (2D) or to create a 3D design using ArCon. You can edit and create the tiles databases used by the program. By default, the package contains a database of Lasselsberger products (Rako and Lb Object brands). You can find more tiles databases on and more 3D objects on

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CABINET for ArCon is intended for parametric designs of built-in wardrobes (straight and slanting, with sliding or hinged doors). Built-in wardrobes are constructed using a wizard, which at its end generates the whole wardrobe in a 3D view and calculates the price. The program also allows further individual modifications – parametric creation of free boards (parametric definition of corner modifications), drawers (complete 3D models that allow parametric modifications of individual parts), doors (doors with concealed hinges, sliding doors: definition of divisions, slanting, frames and panels, everything parametrically in 3D) and inner furnishings (dimensions, modules division, positioning of drawers and shelves).

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KITCHEN for ArCon revolutionizes the way kitchens are sold. It allows you to create any kind of composition with accessories in a particular space, according to your customer's wishes. The output – visualizations, views, price calculation and assembly plans – ensures the effective handling of each business case. The program supports inserting objects, changing textures and objects, preliminary calculations, assembly plans and 3D models of products including surface finishing. The package also contains the Modular program for creating cutting plans and the program for ordering Trachea doors. Both programs are directly implemented with the 3D design in the KITCHEN for ArCon program.

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ArCon – visual architecture

About ArCon

ArCon is a highly interactive visual tool for planning and visualizations of houses and interiors. ArCon's features are not only based on the requirements and real needs of architects, design engineers and interior designers, but they also take into account the needs of real estate agents and developers. ArCon also offers interesting possibilities for manufacturers and dealers of furniture, sanitary equipment, wall and floor tiles, built-in wardrobes, fireplaces and interior accessories.

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ArCon-Data Server News

15.5.2019 – Ravak - Update 05/2019

The Ravak brand has expanded 3D models with new shower enclosures, shower trays, drainage gutters, bathtubs, washbasins, bathroom furniture, sanitary ware and faucets.

29.3.2019 – Riho - update 03/2019

The Riho brand has added 3D new models to the series bathtubs, shower trays and shower screens Scandic M101 and S402.

18.3.2019 – Roltechnik - update 03/2019

Brand Roltechnik has updated 3D models in series: Tower line, Lega line, Lega lift line, Proxima line, Exclusive line, Hitech line, Kinedoor line, Ambient line, Elegant neo line, Elegant line.

5.2.2019 – Riho - update 01/2019

The Riho brand has expanded the range of 3D models with the new serie Scandic shower enclosure.

20.11.2018 – Novatronic - Update of the 3D catalog of the assortment

Completely new 3D catalog of office furniture Novatronic.

19.11.2018 – Zehnder - Zenia, the new series in 3D

a new series Zenia of 3D models Zehnder was published on the server

8.11.2018 – Updating general objects for ArCon

3D General Models, New Series: Children's Toys, Living Room, Bedrooms and Other New Objects.

7.11.2018 – Eden CZ - 3D complete new catalog

The brand Eden CZ completely innovated 3D models of bathroom furniture.

1.10.2018 – Antares - 3D models of chairs

The Antares International brand has ordered a complete revision of their 3D models. The entire Antares assortment is now available on our AEC-DATA server after update.

25.7.2018 – Jet Dryer - New Models

The Jet Dryer brand has extended the 3D models of the dryer.